Vendor Managed Inventory

General Fasteners Company is proud to be a pioneer in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Programs. From our humble beginnings in the late 1980’s, when we supported our customers with simple, in-plant stores manned by GFC attendants, our programs have developed into some of the most robust, technically advanced systems in the industry. By combining the basic principles of pull-system inventory management and KANBAN signals with modern-day bar-coding technology and electronic exception report monitoring, we eliminate the guesswork and inherent inaccuracies of our competitor’s single-bin/keep-fill system.

Not all Inventory Management programs are created equal!

VMI programs are a cornerstone of our business model. We help our customers realize true cost savings by leaning out their manufacturing plant floors, reducing non value-added activities, consolidating vendors and part numbers, freeing up working capital, and helping to achieve strategic initiatives by becoming a true working partner.

Our VMI programs are:

Consistent • Customizable • Scalable
Continually Optimized • Lot Traceable • Lean

Program Management
Multi-Bin Kanban Systems
BinTrac Advantage
Third Party Logistics (3PL)
In-Plant Stores
Kitting and Sequencing
Smart Bin Systems